Oatmeal for Breakfast

Jonathan and Kelly are married. Married married married.

Kelly Eskesen

(written by Jonathan)

is the most beautiful woman the world has ever known. She was born in Auburn, Washington, where she's lived for most of her life—but don't let that fool you; far from a homebody, she's more like an international woman of mystery: she's lived in a few states and England, too, and done everything from database administration to writing and counseling at camp.

Kelly's interests and core competencies span the gamut of human experience. She can cook almost anything from scratch and can create a delicious and healthy meal out of any combination of foodstuffs. She's well-read and enjoys everything from the artistic and obscure work of Kurt Vonnegut to the classic wit of Jane Austen. She loves the great outdoors and has taught me everything I know about gardening (which isn't much, but I'm learning). All in all, she's a lovely, amazing person.

Jonathan McPherson

(written by Kelly)

was born in Stanford, California, but has lived all over these United States. He has six younger brothers and sisters (which has given him a knack for making anything sound fun and exciting). He also has an interest in and great eye for photography and incredible skill with computers–it's safe to call them "mad skills." No one remembers how many colleges he's been to, but it's a lot–no one institution of higher learning could provide him with the academic rigor he required. He moved to Seattle in 2004 for a job at a small software company. Jonathan is also always willing to try any of my ideas for "new" and "interesting" meals.

Jonathan made this web site with his bare hands and a text editor-he's just that smart. He also has his own web site, jmcpherson.org, which is great, but for a more refined palate. He also enjoys the company of a photoblog and several houseplants.